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Adult Medicine of Lake County
Adult Medicine of Lake County
About The Practice

Adult Medicine of Lake CountyFrom the moment you arrive at Adult Medicine of Lake County, you will be engaged with a team of experienced and dedicated professional health care providers, all whom have one goal in mind- providing you with the personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs helping you to live the healthy future you desire. they specialize in general medical care of adults ranging from minor health concerns to serious illnesses. Their services include routine, acute and preventative care Monday thru Friday by appointment.

Dr. Shirley Nagel, M.D. and Dr Eleanor Davina, D.O. lead the team of 25 health care extenders. The team includes a Physician's Assistant and multiple Nurse Practitioners who analyze and confer with the physicians on your acute medical needs and long term preventative health maintenance. The nursing staff prepares each patient visit by asking all the general health questions allowing the provider to move quickly to your issues. This enables you to schedule appointments quickly and begin your individual healing process along with healthy lifestyle changes. Appointments are also offered until 7:00 p.m. for the convenience of patients that work.

Adult Medicine of Lake County provides many additional services in our office, saving their patients time. These services include labs, eco-stress testing, ultrasounds, bone density testing and more if allowed by your insurance plan.


Adult Medicine of Lake County
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